Sponsor a child

Child sponsors give a monetary contribution to the Voi project each month.  As a child sponsor, you will receive a photo and information about an individual child in the program.  If you would like, you can also write to your child.

Your donation does not go directly to your sponsored child, but is used by the project in which your child is taking part  Your child’s daily life and their future is being positively impacted through your monthly donation.  Your child and their family receive assistance through the program, helping them escape the bonds of poverty.

Once a year, you will receive an update on your child’s progress.  Through these yearly reports, you will also receive updates on the project’s development and growth.

Through a minimum contribution of 100 kronor (11 euro) a month, you are supporting the long-term goals of the project.  More info (the PDF will open in a new window)

Fill in the form and become a sponsor today!