The Church in Voi

Mgeno church
fler barn i kise
barn i kisemenyi
kyrkan Kisemenyi

The congregation in Voi is a part of the Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church (KELC) and was built in the beginning of the 2000s. The church does not have its own location in Voi, instead the congregants gather together for worship in a local school each Sunday.

The worship service is important to the members of the congregation. It is where the members meet and chat, and hear the latest news, the music is jubilant and sweet to the ear. It is often led by singer and the sermon is powerful. Many children attend the worship services. In some places, the children attend throughout the service, but in other locations they have Sunday school during the sermon.

In addition to Voi, church members meet regularly for worship in other villages such as Manugo, Mgeno, Kisemenyi and Kasigau. In Mgeno you’ll find a simple church the congregation has built on its own, and Kisemenyi has a fairly new church that was built with help from the church in Ulricehamn. Kasigau is the newest congregation.

Every village is home to an AIDS committee and volunteers who are responsible for the orphaned children. The church also appoints women’s committees that are responsible for home visits and other tasks.

Bogesunds House is overseen by a specific committee directly subject to, and overseen by, the congregation board members.

The congregation has two employees, the priest Manase Mkofira and his wife Mary, who is responsible for the women’s work within the church.