En månad i Ulricehamn

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One month ago a date like this I left Nairobi for Sweden. I was worried I might miss the plane due to the heavy traffic as a result of the rain in Nairobi. But I made it after five hours of patience.

I got the best reception from everyone I met. Beautiful smiles and joy filled their hearts. I immediately felt at home. I even started eating some cheese!

I was a little nervous of how my practice at Hotel Bogesund was going to be. Contrary to my expectations, I met the kindest of staff who are delighted to have me and tirelessly continue to teach me what I need to learn.

Even though I am not so used to some things like the cold and potatoes and more potatoes, I somehow still feel at home. Is it because of the kindness and love everyone shows me here? Most definitely!

Tack så mycket. Gud välsigne er!


(Artikel om Beatrice publicerad i Ulricehamns Tidning 31/5 2016)

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