Operational Report 2012

Verksamhetsberättelse  2012

Voi-projektet – hjälp till föräldralösa barn i Kenya




“God is our shelter and strenghth, always ready to help in times of trouble” Psalms 46: 1.

Our main goal of Voi Project Orphans Programme is to strengthen orphans identity through securing their basic and special needs and support them with education. In 2012, the programme has been assisting 40 orphans and their families. We have one orphan in the University and others in secondary, primary and nursery school respectively.


School Uniforms and Mosquito nets.

In January 2012, with the support from Bogesundsskolan in Ulricehamn the programme was able to give orphans school uniforms, Mosquito nets among other items. We have also received second hand clothes and shoes from our friends who visit us.

School issues

Out of the 40 orphans we assist, three joined secondary school namely:-

  1. Katunge Koleta        Kajire
    Secondary School    Form 1
  2. Mrata Dadi               Mwambiti
    Secondary School   Form 1
  3. Amina Awasi           Mwangea
    Secondary School   Form 1

Beatrice Waleghwa one of our orphan got admission in Kenyatta University, to study Bachelor in Tourism and Hospitality; it’s a milestone for the Voi project since she is the first to receive university education.

Academically some orphans are very good, average and also some poorly this is due to overcrowding in classes, shortage of teacher in public school and lack of commitment in the students and guardians in their studies.

Here is the summary of orphans in their school level:

1 – At home.

5 – Nursery school

28 – Primary school

5 – Secondary school

1 – University

Food Assistance from Humedica International Aid.

With the aid of the head office in Nairobi, Voi Project Orphan Programme got support from Humedica International Aid, a humanitarian agency which given food to orphans and elderly persons in the church. They were given maize, maize flour, beans, cooking oil, salt and porridge flour.

Guardian Seminar.

In April, we managed to hold a seminar for the new guardians and home based cares for 2 days. They were taught on children rights, nutrition, Hiv/Aids and malaria.
Through building capacity orphans – guardian wellbeing is improved and according to the evaluation it was beneficial.

Distribution of mattresses and goats.

According to our goal is to secure basic and special needs to orphan. During our home visits, we find out that some orphans were sleeping in bad conditions where may be no mattresses or it’s torn and in bad condition. The programme gave them mattresses, and also to new guardians they received goats which can uplift their living standards.

Mombasa Trip

During August holiday all orphans had a tour to Mombasa where they visited Hallerpark, Jomo Kenyatta public beach and Fort Jesus. Apart of the orphan seeing new places and things like the ocean, animal, reptiles e.t.c , was also educational. The trip was fantastic and the orphans were very happy.

Guardian meetings

The programme has stabilized guardian meetings in our congregational areas and this has enhanced unity and co-operation among guardians. Through this they have projects like Table banking, Poultry keeping and farming to sale the yields and it has improved their living standards.

In October, the Vagabond store in Ulricehamn donated shoes which we gave orphans, Bogesunds house staff and Home Based Cares.

Medical, monthly food for the more disadvantaged orphans, porridge flour to orphans below 10 years, uniforms and school fees are activities of day to day of the programme.


  1. Increase in food prices and school fees due to economic crisis.
  2. Lack of co-operation among some guardians.
  3. Lack of proper handling and care of the items/ things the project gives orphans.
  4. Poor academic performance due to overcrowding in classes and lack of commitment of orphans and guardians in their education.

Finally on behalf of Voi Project Orphan Programme I would like to thank the sponsors, donors, well wishers for the support and trust you have upon us, and also orphans and guardians for letting us be part of your lives. To the office and Home based Cares for making all this possible.

God bless you all abundantly.

Yours in service