Operational Report 2010



“For I know the plans I have for you,” declare the Lord,” plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

In 2010, the project was assisting about 30 orphans and their families in their own environment. Voi project aims to ensure children’s education and basic needs are catered through the help of our friends, well wishers and sponsors from Ulricehamn, Sweden.

Orphan Programme activities in 2010


In 2010, two of our children joined form one, in secondary school and Carlos Mwaro was admitted in primary boarding school in Mombasa. The following were the beneficiaries to the school fund in 2010:

Felix Jara                                        Form 4                                            Tarasaa  Secondary School

Beatrice Welaghwa                      Form 3                                            Bura Girls High School

Shedrack  Ngundo                       Form 1                                            Kenyatta High School

Victor  Mlele                                  Form 1                                            Mwakichuchu Secondary School

Carlos Mwaro                                Standard 2                                     Porteitz School of Disable


According to our project strategic plan for 2010, we planned to give all orphans mattress, bed sheets, mosquito net and blanket. The programme was able to give every child a blanket, 2 bed sheets and mosquito net. Despite the project giving them material needs, it always provides food, nutrition, medical etc to the children.


In 2009, Guardians had 2 days training on goat keeping and after they were given couple of goats by the project to improve their living conditions. The project gave out 33 goats and 3 kids,  2009 was a year of drought and due to that some goats died but we had 21 goats  were refunded to the project by guardians.


In August 2010, we had a seminar for the orphans for 5 days and it was about Hiv/Aids and Behaviour change, we had 2 external facilitators. The children participated and those who are young age, they played and had a lot of fun. They were happy for the seminar and really appreciated.


Through the cooperation with our friends from Ulricehamn we decide to start sponsorship programme that every child can have a sponsor who he/she contributes money every month to cater for child’s needs. All the children in the programme have sponsor and even some have two sponsors, it’s incredible!


After the hydrogeological survey in October 2009,in August 2010, we drilled water at the farm up to 250 meters but NO water was found. We did second hydrogeological survey and according to the report it says No water can be found at the farm. It’s really a challenge in the programme but as we know the road to success is not easy but we must struggle and never give up or lose faith no matter how many problems or challenge you face. We have hope that in 2011, we will have water.


  1. Give mattresses to all orphans since we did not manage in 2010
  2. Organize Home base care seminar in April 2011
  3. To know every child health status
  4. Repair orphan’s houses those which are in bad shape and insecure.

2010 has been a successful year despite the challenge we faced. We thank God, well wishers, sponsors, friends, home base cares and Voi family for making it possible. God bless you abundantly.

Yours in – Service




 Ulricehamn – Sweden 2010

Starting Child Sponsorships – Lisa launched the child sponsorship program together with Lydia in Voi.  At the end of the year, we counted 31 sponsors for a total donation of 585 euros every month.  The funds help cover all the ongoing costs for the children’s basic needs such as food, medicine, school clothes, etc.

Water for the Farm – A new attempt at finding water on the farm started in August but nothing was found despite drilling to a depth of 250 meters. New surveys were conducted with a better instrument to locate the water. It has been analysed in Voi and will also be analysed by experts in Stockholm. Money for a further attempt has been raised thanks to Rotary. A request was sent out among the Rotary members to help finance a second drilling attempt. There have also been further donations given by individuals and Gärdhem. Bogesundsskolan also directed their donation from the yearly international evening towards finding water.

Developing the Farm – Jörgen Theander has taken on the assignment as project manager for the growth of the farm. A study group put together a vision, project definition, business plan, and funding proposal where Ulricehamn’s city architect, among others, took part by providing a proposal for the layout and building plans. The proposal was presented during a business meeting with Ulricehamn’s larger businesses on September 29 at a location provided by Bolon. A project group has been put together to continue the work surrounding the “Twenty for Voi” idea. A specific account has also been opened for farm developments.

Jenny Berggren has agreed to be an ambassador for the project. She took part in a business meeting in September and met Lydia at the gathering. She has helped spread the word about the Voi project through blogs and her Facebook page during the year.

Collections / Activities 2010:

Concert at Ätradalsskolan 28 april – 23 000 kronor (2,516 euros) went to purchase tents for the farm.

Bogesundsskolan’s yearly international evening– 50 000 kronor (5,470 euros) towards drilling for water

Recycling donation jar at ICA grocery, made by Kenneth Johansson, which has brougt in 23 000 kronor (2,516 euros) to the project in 2010.

Congregation meeting with Lydia & Samuel – information about the project and the future goals.

Business meeting at Bolon with Lydia – startup of the “Twenty for Voi” collection which will finance the development of the farm.

Angel hunt in the city during the second week of Advent.

Gift cards during Christmas shopping to pay worker’s wages on the farm.

Voi-jewelery, designed by Eva Orrbäck, went on sale just before Christmas.

Visit from Voi:

Lydia and Samuel paid a visit to Ulricehamn in September. The trip was financed by Rotary and the Swedish Church. Lydia took part in several official visits where she spoke about the project during the business meeting, in the congregation house, and at Rotary. She also gave a sermon one Sunday at Hössna church. Samuel focused mainly on the children and youth services work with the church, but he also took part in such events as the congregational gathering.

Trips to Voi in 2010:

January – Britt & Jan-Åke Thorell, Mia Börjeson & Lisa Anderson, Anna & Inga Theander, Linus & Birgitta Nygren paid a follow-up visit for the project.

March – Suss Franzén, Kicki Sundstedt & Elisabeth Böhm visited Voi.

March – Malin Oskarsson and Sara Olsson, who study at the nursing school in Borås visited Voi as a part of their thesis.

April – Jan-Åke Thorell visited together with son-in-law Jarle

June/July – Viola Marstorp & Eva-Karin Gotting traveled to Voi och interned at the hospital in Voi as a part of their nursing studies.

October – Kristin Axelsson from Ulricehamn, together with her study partner, Josefine Solheim from the college in Jönköping, wrote their thesis in Voi on the topic of HIV/AIDS.

December – The Franzén family celebrated Christmas and New Year’s with friends in Voi.

Collected Money 2010

Collected gifts for 2010 totaled 403.707 kronor (44,172 euros) plus 50.000 kronor (5,470 euros) from Bogesundskolan’s international evening, which they personally sent over to the project bank account in Nairobi. The collection from the recycling donations at ICA brought in about 23.000 kronor (2,516 euros). The child sponsorship program has generated about 40.000 kronor (4,377 euros) during the year. Gärdhem has donated a total of 100.000 kronor (10,941 euros) for water drilling. The construction account balance at year’s end was 13.300 kronor (1,455 euros).

 Maria Börjeson, Voi Steering Committee