Operational Report 2009

Voi – Kenya 2009

In 2009, the project has grown from assisting 19 children to 29 children, including 8 children from the troubled village of Manunga just outside of Voi where a new congregation has taken root. The growth has mainly been made possible because Lydia was hired on as the manager for the program.

The preschool at Bogesunds House now has two preschool classes with about 20 children in each class.

The preschool in Mgengo has about 10 children and is run by a preschool teacher who has been given a bit of economic compensation from Rebeckorna in Ulricehamn through the project.

Four students have received money from the school fund. Mwanza Mwinzi, form 4, Felix Jara, form 3, Beatrice Waleguwa, form 2 (top student) as well as Matilda Wanjala, trade school.

Six people are employed by the project. A director, a housekeeper, two night guards, and two preschool teachers. The teacher salaries are covered by the income from the preschool. Six volunteers also provide a great deal of help and receive a small contribution every month for their invaluable assistance.

From February through April, two volunteers, Jenny Thilander and Emelie Arkenfjärd were in Voi working together with Lydia to start up the scrapbook project and to chart the health and living conditions of the children in the program. They also visited most of the children in their homes.

Two seminars were held during the year. In February, the caregivers gathered one weekend for a seminar on the care of goats. In December, the children in the program gathered together to work on their scrapbooks. Speakers from KELC (Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church) were invited to speak at both seminars.

In March, thirty-six goats were given to the children and their caregivers. Seven goats in Voi, eight in Mgeno and twenty-one in Kisimenyi. During the year, four goats died due to illness and the difficult drought conditions. Even with the deep drought, twenty-four baby goats were born and nineteen survived. These firstborn goats are brought back into the program and will be used for new families entering the program, as well as animal upkeep on the farm.

Bogesunds House was equipped with a sturdy sun roof over the outside patio area, which has provided some well-needed shade for the children.

In 2008, it became clear that there was a need for a larger church building in Kisimenyi. A new church was built and completed in 2009. It was opened during the congregation trip in Voi with pomp and splendor. Brunnsnäs church and Ulricehamn’s congregation helped with the building costs. A collection for this was taken separately and was not a direct part of the project.

The farm land has finally been purchased and outfitted with a good fence. During August, the Voi congregation members tilled the ground. The fence was put in place during November/December. A working area and a small living area for the guard has also been built on the farm. The task of finding a company to sponsor water exploration is also underway. Several fruit trees were planted at the end of the year, including papaya, orange, and mango.

Ulricehamn – Sverige 2009

lricehamn’s play revue held an extra performance and all the proceeds went to the project.

The international evening at Bogesund’s school brought a record-breaking amount of funds, as usual. 65,000 kronor (7,115 euros) were sent to Voi to cover the costs of the fencing on the farm.

In September, Rotary held an artist gala at the swim and sports hall where 170,000 kronor (18,610 euros) were donated and earmarked for water exploration on the farm.

Ulricehamn’s congregation hosted a concert series called Perspective in Ulricehamn church. Five concerts were scheduled and the collected funds went to Voi’s congregations to purchase psalm books and food.

Cecilia Johansson and Frida Karlsson, along with their sweetly singing friends, chose to put on a second Christmas concert at Ulricehamn church to help the project. They gave a fantastic performance in front of a sold-out crowd in the church.

Posts for the fence and fruit trees were sold during the year as an extra fundraiser bringing in good results.

Manase visited Sweden during two weeks in June. He was invited to and took part in a conference at Heljarödsgården in Skåne. The week before, he came to Ulricehamn for official visits to meet the church congregations in the area.

The drought has persisted during the past year in Voi. Because of this, two collections were taken up to help the members of the congregations in Voi, Kisimenyi, Mgeno and Maungo purchase food.

Five trips from Ulricehamn to Voi have taken place during the year. The Franzéns and Gardells arrived in February in a van with seven people from Ulricehamn. Two teachers, Solveig and Maria, from Bogesund’s school collected Lego toys for all the preschools. Sune, the photographer, documented the project in pictures. Linus, the orthopedic engineer, adjusted Carlos’ prosthetic. Mia, Britt and Jan-Åke followed up on the work, introduced the scrapbooks, and noted the needs of the children.

Jan, Annika and Sara Thilander visited Jenny and Emelie during their time as volunteers in Voi.

In November, the Eklund sisters were at Bolon with Jan-Åke. Before they arrived, a congregation trip had been planned with fourteen participants, eight adults and six young adults from the Swedish Church and Brunnsnäs church. This trip focused on the importance of an exchange experience between the congregations.

Collected money 2009

A fantastic sum of 245,000 kronor (26,820 euros) were collected during the year. Bolon also added 80,000 kronor (8,760 euros) to purchase the farm. Bogesund school’s international evening collected 65,000 (7,115 euros) and Rotary donated 175,000 (18,610 euros) during the artist gala, which will be used to drill for water on the farm.

The total sum for the year is an incredible 550,000 kronor! (60,200 euros)

From the (26,820 euros) collected, Ulricehamn’s revue put on a show to benefit the children in Voi and collected 13,000 kronor (1,423 euros). The collections taken up in Brunnsnäs church, the Swedish Church and the collection boxes during election day brought in 16,000 kronor (1,752 euros) for food when the drought was most severe. Ulricehamn’s congregation hosted Perspective, a concert series, which collected 14,860 kronor (1,626 euros). The Christmas concert arranged by Frida Johansson and Cecilia Karlsson and friends brought in 13,500 kronor (1,477 euros). The businesses ByggArvid, Bogesunds El & Tele, and Bogesunds accounting firm chose to provide a gift to their employees in the form of a donation to the Voi project for a total of 12,000 kronor (1,313 euros).