Jenny personally

Still I see the wonderful image of people listening to Lydia of the Voi-project talking to the crowd of the City of Ulricehamn in Sweden. The light in their eyes said that they were whitnesing a wonder. Lydias strong message was short and explosive without being compulsive: the money goes to this girl and this boy.

She knows them and I can just imagine the joy she feels when she can ignite a wish come true for these young hearts. The Voi-project is handcrafted lifejoy, driven from the heartshaped need for a small boy or girl having lost their both parents, sleeping on the floor of dirt, freezing without a blanket.

I see the picture of Lydia talking about her own sisterhood with this, and being an orphan herself, who could better understand their loss?

As I close my eyes I remember them listening with the inner beauty burning inside and out: as if they finally were alive. Lydia tells about the day she handled out blankets for these kids. She knows what is needed: care and love. A blanket is an owerwhelming joy! But I know you already know this.

For us here it is a light burden for us to bear: giving up 2€ a month to the Voi-project; but it brings an eternal sunshine on these childrens faces.

Companys across this region in Sweden are starting to wake up. They know the Swedish people who work with this and that is why they set this project first on their schedule on this day to come and listen to Lydia.

The dream and vision is to complete the ongoing work for Voi: to build an educational center and a farm where they can grow crops and help even more people.

My father once thaught me:

”It is better to light even the smallest light than to curse the darkness.”

The need in Voi is endless. Aids desease seems feeding an endless need. But your light will be opressing the darkness in the Childs eyes on a cold Kenyan night.

They have no father to teach them, no mother to hold them. No one, but a sick grandmother, or aunt or other relative.

Gods small people need your help. Teach them the wisdom of the small light cindeld in Africa: your own candle costs 2€, every month. It’s an eternal gift. It’s how it works.