Help Voi Take Part in a Competition for Cash!

If you use Swish to make a donation to the Voi project, you are helping the project split a million kronor from Ulricehamns Sparbank, a local bank. The bank is giving away the money during its Organization Competition. The Voi Project’s Swishnummer is 123 28 25 818.

This competition gives nonprofits and organizations the chance to win part of a million kronor. The organization that receives the most payments, receives the most money. The more Swish payments to the Voi project, the larger amount of the million we receive. It is not the size of the donation that counts but the number of payments.

The donation you send via Swish to the Voi project can, in other words, grow to become even bigger. The competition lasts for a year, so you have the chance to give to the project several times. The more payments, the more we receive from the bank.

You can read more about the competition on the bank’s homepage.