Give A Meaningful Christmas Gift in 2015

Give a gift to the Voi project and give away a gift certificate as a present! Can a Christmas present be more meaningful than this?

The gift will be applied to the places of most need to help the orphans in Voi and the surrounding villages. The size of the gift is up to you and the certificate can be downloaded and printed from this page. (click on the photo)

Ideally, we would like to see you swish your donation to the Voi project’s own Swish number 123 28 25 818. This way, you will also help the Voi project collect points in the
Sparbank Organization contest where a million kronor will be split between different organizations. The more swishes, the bigger percent of the million that goes to the Voi project since it is the number of payments and not the size of the donation that counts.

You can also pay using the plusgiro account 117688–2, but the donation does not count in the contest.

For those of you who want to give away a present card for a construction worker at the guest house, you can also download one of those here (click on the photo).

There is also a present card for chicks/chickens and food packets that are given away to the children at Christmas. Those present cards are not available for download, but can be purchased on the pedestrian walkway in Ulricehamn (outside the Life-store) the 19th och 20th of December. You’ll also find Voi-bracelets and salad servers!

All the money will go to the work in Voi! Thank you for your donation!