What is happening with the water…

Uppdate 2011-09-02

These last few months have been spent trying to find an answer to the water issue – and a workable solution is now in sight.

A water connection spanning 1.5 km has been constructed that allows the farm to connect to a water source in the mountains. Two large underground water tanks (24 cubic meters each) will collect water. Then it will be pumped up to two other tanks into a water tower (10 kbm each) to be pulled along by gravity to the farm.

The water tower is under construction and is expected to be finished by the end of September.

This work will cost just about 120,000 kronor (13,185 euro). We are also waiting on bids for water pumps that use solar energy.

The water from the mountain is fresh, potable spring water. But access is limited. According to the reports, the underground sources should contain water during 8 of the 12 months. By combining the reservoir tanks and rainwater collection from future buildings on the farm, it should be enough to make sure that crops, for example, do not die during drought conditions.

The state has also put in a bid to expand the public water network in the area. So in a few years, we might have water from two places!