The Project Group Visits Voi

Part of the project group responsible for the farm expansion will travel to Voi in the beginning of January 2012.

First on the schedule is a meeting with the church leadership at the main office in Nairobi.  We will also visit the bishop, the treasurer, and the director of the project for street children in Nairobi to discuss the work in Voi – and how the main office can support the project regarding procurement, control and finances.

Will will also visit the Pangani Lutheran Children Centre (PLCC) to study and observe the church’s project for street children in Nairobi.  The project owns some land outside of town and is working to build a larger center for the operation.  When we estimated plans for future buildings in Voi, we used the building projections in Nairobi as a guide.

More observation and study visits will take place as we travel to Voi.  The visits provide valuable input for our project.

Once in Voi, we will visit the operations on-site, see the farm, visit with some of the children and continue discussions regarding the future – such as how to best proceed with the development of the farm.

It goes without saying, but everyone who is traveling will be paying their own costs.  Nothing is being charged to the project.  Every bit of money collected continues to go uncut to the project.

We are also pleased to announce that we are now receiving professional assistance to make sure the finances are run properly. Karin Grann, who is an authorized accountant, will assist our treasurer Arne Svensson and the project as a whole.  She will provide advice and support, such as business contacts, agreements, monitoring, control, etc.  In other words, her assistance is another way to insure the collected money continues to be used properly.