Follow Construction on the Farm

5 October, The African roof on the dining area is finished. The hot water heaters are in place on the roof of the guest house, the toilets are caulked and the wash room and toilet seats are installed – see the latest pictures here. Click to see more detail.

Last week, architect Abdul Kahn was in Voi along with the structural engineer, the electrical and plumbing contractor, and a representative from the construction company Nihal Construction.

The preparatory work with reinforcement and such has been approved and the contractor is now proceeding to the next step of casting the concrete for the base.


19 February

The shovels are now turning the soil! The building inspector has approved the demarcation of the building and has given the go-ahead to start digging.

Rebar, cement, and other products have been delivered, and a simpler storage building in steel has been erected.

Here we go!


12 February

We will keep you updated on the development of the farm, everything from the breaking of ground to the opening of the guest house, which is scheduled for the last half of Autumn 2013.

The plans were formally handed over on February 1 to the company who won the bid. This took place during a meeting on site with the architect Adul Kahn, Manase Mkofira, the inspector who will follow the work up close, and representatives from Nihal Construction Ltd.

Now, the company  has three weeks to gather material and map out where the buildings will be – and to start the work.

The bid includes a guest house with two levels, which includes an area of over 500 square meters, including a shower/toilet, storage room, and laundry room. It also includes water and a wastewater facility. The cost is around 1.7 million kronor.