The Farm


The farm will function as an educational and development center for the orphaned children and the local community.  The children can meet there and have fun.  They will also learn important lessons about HIV/AIDS, ecological farming, and much more.

Crops, livestock, and simple farming will help to support the families – and create job opportunities.

The center will also function as a simple guest house for overnight stays and meeting rooms for visitors.  It will also give the project a strong economic base for the future.

It is fertile but dry in Voi.  Not enough rain has fallen during the past two years and the crops on the farm have mostly dried up.

The water supply for the farm was secured on  21 November 2011. It was a historic day when the water was released from its source in the nearby mountains. The water tower is built, the large water towers now sit on site, and the water pumps and solar cells make sure the water keeps flowing.

The construction of a guest house on the farm started in February 2013 and was opened in November the same year. You can follow its development on its own dedicated page.