A Stone from the Heart

byggkontot dec 2013The “Stone from the Heart” campaign to develop the farm in Voi into an educational and development center, is now up over 2.3 million kronor. The picture on the right represents what has been collected from the start in late 2010 until the last day of December 2013: 2,341, 157 kronor total. (The blue bars represent funds that have been collected into the account = 2,298,657  kronor. The red bar represents the promised funds that have not yet been collected = 42,500 kronor).  This report is now closed. Future funds for the farm will be documented only on the  Contribution Report page.

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The campaign is a continuation of the “Twenty for Voi” campaign from late 2010. A brick costs 20 kronor – and you can buy as many as you want!

Everyone can contribute! All donations, big and small – will be turned into bricks for the construction in Kenya. Through these donations, orphans in Voi can have a brighter future.

Do you want to help? Use the bankgiro account 673-7993.

This campaign also includes the chance to create a corporate sponsorship, which means a business can be a “Big Five” sponsor.