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The Voi Run inaugurates the new motorway

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A new motorway will open on the 17th of October near Ulricehamn. In connection with this event, the Voi project is holding a fitness run with all proceeds going to the chidren in Voi. This gives us a unique opportunity that will never happen again – to walk, run, or bicycle across the finished motorway […]

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New Rotary concert in September

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Two volunteers to Voi this autumn

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Matilda Johansson and Linnea Jordner from Ulricehamn will be volunteering in Voi for 2.5 months this autumn. Both finished their high school education last spring and have been in Voi earlier (see photo). They will now travel back for a longer stay to contribute to the project. Matilda and Linnea will live in the guest […]

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Orange harvest despite drought

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Oranges on the farm were recently harvested even with the lack of water in Voi. The oranges will be given to the orphaned children who live in Voi. They will also be sold to provide income for the program. The oranges Daniel is collecting in the photos are ripe even though they are green! Oranges […]

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A Dream Come True

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In the Voi project, every child receives help where they need it. Sometimes that means a brand new house. In previous years, several children have received a new house since the old one needed replacement. This year, there is room in the budget for two new houses, one to Geoffrey Runba in the village of […]

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Students making Voi bracelets

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Students at Stenbocksskolan in Ulricehamn have made nice bracelets to sell in order to help the Voi project. They cost 50 kronor and come in different colours. The bracelets can be purchased at DinDeli on the pedestrian street in Ulricehamn or from teacher Karin Gardell.

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PR Material on the (Rally) Way

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Ulf Lindskog and Håkan Marby are on their way to Voi to follow up with work on the guest house, including a look at the improvements being done – and to plan future investments. Part of the program also includes a visit to Voi municipality and meeting with the accountant who will help with the […]

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Buy a piece of art and the money goes to Voi

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You can now buy artwork by Hanna Ekegren and donate money to the Voi project at the same time. Hanna has donated the painting,  Dancing on the edge of time. All proceeds will benefit the Voi project and the extra collection for food taking place right now. The drought in Voi has damaged much of […]

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Extra collection to stop the hunger

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It has rained far too little in Voi and the harvest will not stretch to feed every mouth. In certain places, it hasn’t rained at all. The photo to the right was taken in February while visiting Geoffery who is one of the orphaned children in the village of Mgeno. The harvest from this field […]

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Swish Money to the Voi Project

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The Voi project now has a new way to donate – Swish! The project’s own number is 123 28 25 818. By Swishing money to the Voi project, we also receive part of a million kronor that Ulricehamns Sparbank is donating to all the organizations taking part in the Organization Competition taking place from May […]

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Major activity on the farm

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Improvements and refurbishments to the farm continue. The most visible is the revamp of teh water tower, which has been given a real set of stairs, sliding windows, and a full inside/outside coat of paint. It’s turning into a nice hall here! Three resting spots have also been created in a smart African stile with […]

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Youngsters talk Voi with the elders

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Tingsholm high school students Linnea Jordner, along with Sandra and Matilda Johansson were in Voi for an autumn internship  program. They’re now using some of their free time to talk about their internship and the Voi project. During the international evening at Bogesund school in mid April, they showed pictures of their experience and talked about […]

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