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Camp at the guest house for the sponsored children!

Posted on 12/01/15 in Mailda and Linnea, No Comments

On Friday, all of the sponsored children in the project arrived at the guest house. The first children arrived around 10 in the morning, four small Masai children with their home base care-women. The children continued arriving throughout the morning and around one in the afternoon, everyone gathered to eat Pilau together. Then the children […]

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Visiting our sponsored children!

Posted on 11/22/15 in Mailda and Linnea, No Comments

There are 15 of us who have the chance to take a sponsor trip to Voi. We traveled out on November 12 and will come home on November 26. During our trip, we have visited different villages where the children live, taken part in church services, had fun with the kids, passed out blankets and […]

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Lovely meeting in Mgeno

Posted on 11/12/15 in Mailda and Linnea, No Comments

We left for the village of Mgeno around 10:30 in the morning to meet the sponsored children. The landscape along the way was very green and beautiful. We traveled toward Tanzania, a newly build road where we avoided the traffic going between Mombasa and Nairobi. Once in Mgeno, we met with home base care-woman Hanna, […]

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Posted on 10/31/15 in Mailda and Linnea, No Comments

At nine in the morning, a taxi picked us up. Later,  Thomas joined us in the Sofia district. Then we traveled to Kisimenyi. About an hour and fifteen minutes later, we were at the church in the village where we were to meet with the caregivers and home base care-woman Serah. We waited a little […]

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Meeting with the children in the villages

Posted on 10/24/15 in Mailda and Linnea, No Comments

We have now been here for almost a month and are enjoying our time here. We have been very well received here in Voi and it is quite nice to be able to spend the autumn here in Kenya. We have been able to get in a few visits to the villages surrounding Voi. On […]

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Playground on the farm

Posted on 10/03/15 in Mailda and Linnea, No Comments

Hi! We’re Matilda Johansson and Linnea Jordner who are writing this entry. We have lived on the farm for a few days and are enjoying it. We are here as volunteers with the Voi project. Right now, it’s very dry here in Voi but we’re hoping for rain in a few weeks, though it’s hard […]

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