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Matpaketen utdelade i Voi

Posted on 12/16/15 in Lydia, No Comments

Vårdnadshavare och föräldralösa barn fylldes med glädje och lycka när de fick julklapparna i år. Julmatpaketen bestod av 2 kycklingar, 24 kg majsmjöl, 12 kg vetemjöl, 5 liter matolja, 10 kg ris, 5 kg socker, 500 gr teblad, ett paket av godisklubbor, 1 kg tvättmedel, tandkräm och lite annat. Alla var mycket glada över gåvorna [...]

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Geoffrey har flyttat in i sitt nya hus!

Posted on 10/01/15 in Lydia, No Comments

The programme has completed building 3 roomed house for Geoffrey Rumba’s and his family from Mgeno. We have opened it with prayers and now they are living in a good and well built house. His guardian said in her entire life she didn’t imagine that one day she could sleep in a good house like [...]

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Extra matpaket är utdelade till barnen

Posted on 06/04/15 in Lydia, No Comments

Voi och dess omgivningar har fått lite regn, trots att det har regnat kraftigt i hela landet och orsakat översvämningar. På grund av detta har grödorna torkat bort och många har inte kunnat skörda under lång tid. På grund av brist på regn och hotande svält beslutade programmet att ge de föräldralösa barnen och deras [...]

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Lydia tackar för hjälpen

Posted on 05/13/15 in Lydia, No Comments

Det har regnat mycket över stora delar av Kenya och många upplever översvämningar, men i Voi och dess omgivningar har inget regn kommit och det är verkligen hjärtskärande. Jag planerar att ge matpaket till de föräldralösa barnen i nästa vecka. Det är gott att veta att det är bra respons på insamlingen av pengar för [...]

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Seminarium om barns rättigheter

Posted on 04/25/15 in Lydia, No Comments

Programmet arrangerade ett seminarium för vårdnadshavarna i tre dagar, den 21-24 april på gästhuset i Voi. Under seminariet fick vårdnadshavarna lära sig om barns rättigheter och jordbruksnäringen. Vårdnadshavarna har nu mer kunskap om hur man ska leva och relatera med föräldralösa barn och andra barn runt omkring dem. De vet att barn har rättigheter och [...]

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(English) Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.

Posted on 12/21/13 in Lydia, No Comments

As we approach the end of this year, we Voi Project family would to thank to God for his love, blessings and grace in our lives. Also we would like to thank of donors, sponsors, well wishers and friends for your endless support to the programme. Let’s change lives and make difference. The orphans and [...]

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Clothes from New Wave Sports company

Posted on 10/24/13 in Lydia, No Comments

Voi Project orphan programme would like to give vote of thanks to new wave Sports Company from Sweden for donating clothes, shoes and water bottles to the orphans in the programme. We have already distributed the items to the orphans. The orphans were so happy to receive bottles to carry water to school most especially [...]

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Mbithe’s House.

Posted on 10/24/13 in Lydia, No Comments

The programme aims at securing orphans with basic and special needs which includes providing them with a safe and good house to live because some orphans live in houses which are in bad condition like Everlyne Mbithe. Through a well wisher, the programme has been able to build a two room house for Mbithe and [...]

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Regina’s house

Posted on 09/10/13 in Lydia, No Comments

Regina and Evans are siblings and orphans in the programme. They had bad living situation status i.e their house (one room) did not have any furniture; they were sleeping on the ground with a mattress which they were given by the programme. You can imagine the situation. Through a well wisher, the programme was able [...]

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Assistant Orphan Programme Co-ordinator

Posted on 08/10/13 in Lydia, No Comments

Pauline Mwasi, 19 years old and living in Voi. She is a singled orphan (she has a mother and the father passed away) and has 3 siblings.Education is O-level and pursuing computer studies. She will be doing field work i.e working closely with Home based cares, guardians and orphans.

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(English) Beatrice in the University!

Posted on 09/19/12 in Lydia, 1 Comment

Our orphan in the programme Beatrice Waleghwa finished her O’ level last year and performed very well in her final secondary school examination, she attained a mean grade of A- that’s excellent!. She got university admission and last week she reported to Kenyatta University to start her studies. She is taking bachelor of commerce for [...]

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(English) Good experience!

Posted on 08/26/12 in Lydia, 1 Comment

The mombasa trip was fabulous and exciting to the children. Apart from seeing new places and different animals and reptiles, it was also educational to those children who are in primary and secondary school. We visited Haller park, Jomo kenyatta public beach and Fort Jesus. It was a special day of  fun and excitement.

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