Memory Books


The children’s own life stories are documented in a memory book they create themselves with the help of a relative and Lydia,  the project manager.

Lydia Wughanga and Maria Börjeson show the memory books to the childrenTogether, they draw, write and paste pictures (if available) into their books.  The memory books are a way to strengthen the children’s identities.  It also helps them remember their past since their parents are no longer available to recall the past for them.

The idea is for each child to have their own memory book and to update it regularly.

Plan International uses the same method, something which author Henning Mankell talks about in a film from Uganda.  The film also addresses the situation for people who are HIV-positive in Uganda.  The situation there has a lot in common with Kenya, so please stop by his website and take a look at the film (subtitled in English):