One month in Ulricehamn

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One month ago a date like this I left Nairobi for Sweden. I was worried I might miss the plane due to the heavy traffic as a result of the rain in Nairobi. But I made it after five hours of patience. I got the best reception from everyone I met. Beautiful smiles and joy […]

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The swish campaign has ended

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The business contest from Sparbanken is finished and Brunnsnäskyrkan ended with a fantastic 6th place. That gives 45.962 kronor to the Voi project, money that will benefit the orphaned children. Thank you to everyone who swished! The entire list can be found on the bank’s homepage, click here.

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Orphans relief food distributed

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Some parts of our country have experienced lots of rain and floods but in Voi and its surroundings have had little rain. The situation has been like this for the past 3 years thus why the programme has been giving all orphans and their families’ food support despite some orphans receiving food support every month. […]

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Evening market at Bogesundsskolan

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Yesterday, Bogesundsskolan held their traditional international evening, but with a new approach called the evening market. The evening market was the final event for the school’s theme, ”Ulricehamn in the world”, which students had spent time working on during the spring semester. As usual, there were many parents, students and other interested parties who came […]

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Orphans Seminar

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On 25th – 28th April, all orphans gathered at the Voi Lutheran Guest House. They had a seminar on behavior change and orphans over the age of 12 years had a special sessions on counselling which was so helpful to them. The small ones played and had fun. It was a wonderful and fantastic seminar!!

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New greenhouse on the farm

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The greenhouse is now set up at the guest house area in Voi. It did not take more than a few days. You do build greenhouses in Kenya to keep the warmth in, but to protect against the sun. That is why it is made of a fiberglass material on an aluminum frame. The greenhouse […]

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Mrata works at the guest house

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Mrata is 20 years old och has newly finished secondary school. He is currently attending computer classes a few hours each day for a few months so he can be even more ready for the future, whether that is work or future studies. He is from a village about ten kilometers or so from Voi. […]

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Great happiness in Voi

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Yesterday was a happy day for Carlos who is from a village long outside of Voi. After more than a year, she can walk again without crutches! Carlos needed to amputate a leg several years ago after she fell into a fire and burned herself severely. She has had a prosthesis for a few years […]

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Final push in the swish contest!

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The end of April means the end of the Sparbanken business contest where the participating businesses and organizations will share a million kronor. During the March update, the Voi project (EFS Brunnsnäskyrkan) was in 7th place with a sum of 47 962 kronor. Why not give it one final push so more money can go to the […]

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Home Based Care Seminar

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On 8th -11th March, 2016, Voi project, orphan programme conducted a home based care seminar at Voi Lutheran guest house. The home based cares are five beautiful ladies who are so important part in the project because they help orphans and their guardians in the grass root. The topics taught during the seminar were: 1. Report writing. […]

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Ngambenyi Guardian Seminar

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This year of 2016, we believe it will be a great year where the programme touch many lives and have great impact to the orphans and their families. On 24th -25th Feb, 2016, the programme conducted guardian seminar in Ngambenyi (it is the far place where the programme operates and its 75kms from Voi). We also invited […]

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Keep using Swish

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The Voi project (listed as EFS Brunnsnäskyrkan) is in fourth place in the Sparbanken business contest, which can bring in a nice sum of cash once the contest ends in four months. Send in your suggestions and tell us how we can climb even higher in the list! Every single bit goes directly to the […]

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