Lydia ends her time as coordinator of the project

Unfortunately, Lydia Wughanga has now ended her time as a coordinator for the Voi project.

She made a fantastic contribution through her work with the orphaned children over the past eight years. During her time as coordinator, the program has grown considerably and many new children have received help and support.

She now has the opportunity to grow in a way that has not been possible within the framework of the Voi project.

It is indeed sad to see Lydia leave. At the same time, we are thankful for everything she has done and wish her all the best both personally and in her future professional pursuits.

Lydia always aimed to give the children both a brilliant future and a smile on their faces. She has succeeded in her goal, and her enthusiasm and energy has rubbed off on many people.

Even if we don’t currently know what Lydia will pursue, it is our conviction that she will continue to share her joy, care, and love with others.

Thomas Mwakesi has worked as the assistant coordinator since March 2015. He is well versed in the work and can take over when Lydia leaves. What will happen in regard to a replacement for Lydia is currently unclear.

In her letter of resignation, Lydia writes:

– This has been an incredible journey full of learning and service to the orphans and their caregivers. As I leave the project, I want to say thank you that you helped me become a better person. I will treasure every moment I have had during the project.

– I wish the Voi project all the best in their continued work.

/Jan-Åke Thorell
Chairman of the Voi Project