A Brief History

•Bogesundsskolan asks if there are any projects they can support in Kenya.
•After a consultation with the church in Kenya, Bogesundsskolan decides to focus on the orphaned children in Voi
•Four students at a local high school, Tingsholmsgymnasiet, create a project about AIDS and collect money for Voi.

•Bogesundsskolan donates money from the international evening in March to the work in Voi (something the school has continued to do in the following years)
•Three students from Tingsholm, as well as five people from EFS visit Voi at the end of April/beginning of May.
•A house (Bogesunds House) is purchased and equipped for use as a resource center in Voi.  A guard and a housekeeper are hired.
•EFS and the Swedish church appoint a joint task force to coordinate exchanges.

•Three people from Voi visit Ulricehamn for three weeks to talk about the work in Voi.  The study group Sensus helps by giving 4,376 euros and the churches give the rest.
•A school fund is started to secure the ability for the children to attend school.

•14 people visit Voi in November, among them four teachers from Bogesund’s school and a teacher from Tvärred.
•A school in a Massai village outside Voi receives contributions to help finish construction.
•A new building, a water roof, and extra toilets are constructed in Voi to make room for a preschool with 40 children.

•The preschool at Bogesunds House begins with barely 20 children and a payed preschool teacher.
•Another trip from Ulricehamn to Voi is arranged.
•Lydia Wughanga is hired as the director for the program.
•Discussions on purchasing a parcel of land on the outskirts of Voi begin.
•A delegation from Ulricehamn municipality visit Voi to investigate the feasibility of a municipal partnership.
•A little girl, Carlos, receives a prosthetic leg created by Södra Älvsborg’s hospital in Borås.
•The annual Christmas gift:  A goat.

•Two more trips to Voi are arranged, one with teachers from Bogesund’s school and others, and another with the Bolon company.
•Jenny Thilander and Emelie Arkenfjärd work as volunteers in Voi for three months.
•The memory book project for the children gets underway.
•Goats are given to the orphaned children and their caregivers
•An office is added to Bogesunds House
•The preschool is expanded to two departments and another preschool teacher is hired.
•Manase Mkofira visits Ulricehamn together with a visit to the region of Skåne.
•A 16,000 sq. meter parcel of land outside of Voi is purchased.
•Rotary in Ulricehamn holds a large artist gala to support the work in Voi.
•The annual Christmas gift:  A post for the fence or a tree on the farm.

•The number of children in the program has risen to 30.
•More trips to Voi are arranged, both directly for the project and privately.
•Work on the fencing around the farm is completed.
•A personal child sponsorship program is initiated.
•Local schools, Ätradalsskolan, Ulrikaskolan and Gällstadsskolan, get involved in the project.
•Plans to expand the farm into a learning and development center begin to take form and a special project group is formed.
•Lydia visits Ulricehamn together with Samuel from the village of Kisemenyi.
•Artist Jenny Berggren becomes the official ambassador for the Voi project.
•A hydro electric study is completed on the farm, but is still unsuccessful in finding water.
•The annual Christmas gift:  a skilled worker on the farm – or a silver necklace.

• Several trips to Voi are arranged
• Plans for an education and development center on the farm begin taking form
• A special project group is put in place for it
• Collections for “A Stone from the Heart” begin
• “The Big Five” sponsor program begins
• Water arrives on the farm, water connections, the water tower and reservoirs are complete
• The number of children in the program is now 40

• The project group visits Voi
• An architect in Nairobi is hired
• Fundraising for the construction gathers momentum
• Beatrice Waleghwa begins her studies at the university
• The Voi Magazine is distributed to all of Ulricehamn
• Every child in the program takes a trip to Mombasa
• Blueprints of the entire area are drawn up. The guest house, kitchen/office, and dining room are planned in detail
• Building permits and construction authorization is granted

• A general contractor is chosen after a call for bids is taken
• Construction begins on the guest house kitchen/office and dining room
• A micro loan makes it possible for the caretakers to begin a revenue generating project
• The guest house is inaugurated in November
• The number of children has risen to 43