Contribution Report

The economy helps the quality of the work being carried out, and that includes the contribution report. It is important to account for the money raised so nothing disappears along the way. To ensure this, all the money that is deposited into En påse grönsaker som kom i kollekten vid en gudstjänst i Voi auktioneras ut till högstbjudandethe EFS Brunnsnäskyrkan plusgiro and bankgiro project account is shown and accounted for for below.

Every bit of money placed into the account goes uncut to Voi. Every deposit is specified, but private gifts are marked only with the initials of the donor/donors so those who want to remain anonymous can do so.

The accounting of funds below shows the “Voi account” and the “construction account” at EFS Brunnsnäskyrkan in Ulricehamn. All the money put into these accounts goes uncut to the work in Voi. The money is sent via a bank transfer to the church’s main office in Nairobi two times a year, to be further distributed to the congregation in Voi according to individual needs. Both accounts are audited under current rules.

Contributions Jan-June 2017

Contributions Jan-Dec 2016: 394 638:- + 276 065:- to the guesthouse

Contributions Jan-Dec 2015 – 725 727 kr
+ 376 369 kr to the guesthouse

Contributions Jan – 7 Nov 2015

Contributions for 2014  (in Swedish)

Contributions for 2013 – 280 895 kr

Contributions for 2012

Contributions for 2011

Contributions for 2010