Several project reports about Voi

Several students at the local high school have chosen to write their project reports about various aspects of Voi. Of the four project reports nominated this year for best report, two were about Voi – and Sofia Johansson received a commendation for her work with Förslag om avfallshanteringen i Voi (Proposals for waste management in Voi).

Sandra Fleischer and Lina Brobjer, who were also nominated for best report, have written about Voi-projektets framtid och finansiering (The Voi project’s future and financing).  In their conclusion, they write:

“It is possible to impact the future. It is possible to realize dreams. The water, the will, and the vision all point to a bright future. The Voi project can reach far into the future.”

Hanna Eriksson, who like Sofia Johansson has been to Voi, wrote her project report in spring 2011 about Kosten för de HIV-positivea barnen i Voi-projektet (Nutrition for the HIV-positive children in the Voi project).

In 2010, Kristin Axelsson and a friend at a local college in Jönköping wrote AIDS is not the end of life.

The reports are available below in PDF-format for those who would like to read more about these subjects.

Förslag om avfallshanteringen i Voi

Voi-projektets framtid och finansiering

Kosten för de HIV-positiva barnen  i Voi-projektet

AIDS is not the end of life