The Voi project

Here you will find information for supporters and anyone interested in the cooperation between Voi in Kenya and Ulricehamn in Sweden – a project for 66 (2020) orphaned children that started in 2004.

The activities are coordinated in Sweden by a steering committee put together by EFS Brunnsnäskyrkan.  In Voi, the work is part of the normal congregational activities in the Lutheran church.  Many people in Ulricehamn have become involved in the work during the year, including involvement through trips arranged from Ulricehamn to Voi.

Not only are local churches engaged in helping, but also even several schools, organizations, and many people from the general public.  There are also several businesses involved through sponsorship.

In 2009, The Farm was purchased in an attractive area just outside of Voi where goats, chickens, and different crops will help the children’s well-being and allow the project to be self-financed.  Our hope is that the farm will become an education and development center, which will allow the program to become self-sufficient.

In November 2013 the guest house were inaugurated on the farm. It is used by the orphans and rented out to provide an income for the Voi project. 

A big part of the money that comes in to the project is through sponsor programme where families in Sweden sends money each month. Read more under “Donate”.