Guardian Seminar in Mgeno

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On 14th – 15th September 2016 we had a guardian seminar in Mgeno Area.

The first day we invited some church congregants and they were taught about hygiene/ sanitation and financial management (how to spend, save and invest on what we get).

They were happy for the knowledge that they got.

On the second day we conducted the seminar at Mgeno primary school and we invited parents of that school together with guardians and they were taught about children rights and the roles of parents to children.

The parents and school management really thanked the Voi Project, orphan programme for what we did because it will bring a great change not only to the guardians who are in the programme but to the entire community.

We want to thank all who are supporting these project by changing lives of orphans and entire community.

Greetings to all and have a blessed day.

/Thomas Mwakesi

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