Great happiness in Voi

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Yesterday was a happy day for Carlos who is from a village long outside of Voi. After more than a year, she can walk again without crutches!

Carlos needed to amputate a leg several years ago after she fell into a fire and burned herself severely. She has had a prosthesis for a few years that Linus Nygren (a prosthetist at Södra Älvsborgs hospital) created. Over time, it has become worn out and too small.

Carlos attends a school for children and young people with disabilities in Mombasa. And she has been promised a new prosthetic since the old one no longer works for her. She waited throughout 2015 for her her leg but it never came. It is unclear why.

In the Autumn, she met Linus who was visiting Kenya again. He took things into his own hands once again. And now, Carlos has a new prosthesis.

Carlos walked tentatively in the beginning, but Linus adjusted the prosthesis and she is now walking without crutches again – with a big smile on her face!  


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