New greenhouse on the farm

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The greenhouse is now set up at the guest house area in Voi. It did not take more than a few days.

You do build greenhouses in Kenya to keep the warmth in, but to protect against the sun. That is why it is made of a fiberglass material on an aluminum frame. The greenhouse is also equipped with a drip irrigation system for maximum efficiency.

The company who delivered the greenhouse is also providing training, crops and advice – from the first day to the first harvest.

Manase and the other staff, employees, and guardians in the Voi project will now be trained in efficient and resource friendly production. In the long term, we hope that even some of the children in the project will participate in the greenhouse and learn good ways to cultivate.

The project is financed by Rotary in Ulricehamn and the aim is to spread knowledge on effective farming, while the items being farmed with help improve the living condition of the orphaned children.

If the project succeeds, it will also help with the supply of raw materials for the guest house and maybe even tomatoes, onions, and other items could be sold at the market.

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