Mrata works at the guest house

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Mrata is 20 years old och has newly finished secondary school. He is currently attending computer classes a few hours each day for a few months so he can be even more ready for the future, whether that is work or future studies.

He is from a village about ten kilometers or so from Voi. It’s why he is living at the guest house during his computer training classes. When he is not in school, he is working at the guest house with different types of chores. He helps Daniel in the garden when it is needed or helps Elina with the cleaning. Or serving a cup of tea to a guest.

Mrata is, in other words, the first young person in the program who has a paid volunteer job at the guest house!

At Bogesunds house, Amina works as a volunteer. Amina has also finished secondary school och is taking part in the same computer classes as Mrata.

Mrata has been in the program since the beginning and has had a difficult upbringing. He is the youngest of a group of four siblings. Dad was not part of the picture when they entered the program, and mom was buried at home. His little sister died of Aids before she was five, and Mrata alternated living with his older sisters Matilda and Alice. He also lived with an aunt when his sisters married and had children already as teenagers.

During a time Mrata had problems keeping up with school, but thanks to help from the Voi project he was able to continue – and was able to finish secondary school with very good grades.

He is now enjoying his new life at the guest house, and is very thankful for what the Voi project has meant for him. He is now deciding what he wants to do in the future… He has previously talked about studying at college to become a teacher, but now he has started thinking about studying economics instead. His grades and continued support from the Voi project means that he can clearly choose whichever one he wants!

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