Sucessful Advent fundraising

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Almost 200 chickens were sold on the pedestrian street in Ulricehamn during our Advent fundraising. Not living chickens but present vouchers for chickens, which are included in the food packages that are distributed to the orphaned children in Voi.

Salad utensils and armbands were also sold there. The exact amount of money raised has not been fully counted yet, but it is a good bit over 20 000 kronor – which will all go to the work in Voi.

Over 200 donations to Voi have been made using Swish during December and up through Christmas. It was not only for Advent fundraising but also for other things like birthday collections. It also provides money through the Sparbanken business contest where participating organizations will divide a million kronor.

Thank you to all the contributors and volunteers for helping make it happen. We are thankful that, together, we can make life a little better for the children in Voi and that they are not forgotten amongst so many other worthy fundraising campaigns.

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