Camp at the guest house for the sponsored children!

Posted on 12/01/15 in Mailda and Linnea, No Comments

On Friday, all of the sponsored children in the project arrived at the guest house. The first children arrived around 10 in the morning, four small Masai children with their home base care-women. The children continued arriving throughout the morning and around one in the afternoon, everyone gathered to eat Pilau together. Then the children were able to play as much as they wanted throughout the afternoon. We played games, volleyball, soccer, and sang together. The children looked like they were enjoying it all and their energy was at its peak.

When it got dark and we had eaten our dinner, chapati and bean casserole, the children took a shower. For many of them, it was a fun experience to take a shower using a real faucet. Normally, they fill up a tub with water and dump it over themselves. When the children went to sleep, Linnea and I put the rest of the packets together and planned a pentathlon event for the next day.

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