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Orange harvest despite drought

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Oranges on the farm were recently harvested even with the lack of water in Voi. The oranges will be given to the orphaned children who live in Voi. They will also be sold to provide income for the program. The oranges Daniel is collecting in the photos are ripe even though they are green! Oranges […]

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A Dream Come True

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In the Voi project, every child receives help where they need it. Sometimes that means a brand new house. In previous years, several children have received a new house since the old one needed replacement. This year, there is room in the budget for two new houses, one to Geoffrey Runba in the village of […]

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Students making Voi bracelets

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Students at Stenbocksskolan in Ulricehamn have made nice bracelets to sell in order to help the Voi project. They cost 50 kronor and come in different colours. The bracelets can be purchased at DinDeli on the pedestrian street in Ulricehamn or from teacher Karin Gardell.

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Relief food distributed to all children

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Voi and its environs have received little rains despite almost the whole country it’s raining heavily and flooding. Due to this, crops in the farm have started drying up and its really long time since people harvested something from their farms. Because of lack of enough rain we are experiencing famine that’s why, the program […]

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