Seminar on children rights

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The program organized a guardian seminar for 3 days which started on 21st -24 April, at the Voi Lutheran guest house. During the seminar the guardians were taught on children rights and agribusiness. Guardians have acquired more knowledge on how to live and relate with the orphans and other children around them. Now they know children have rights and were reminded of their responsibilities to the orphans according to the law.

The topic of agribusiness was an eye opener to them because they can turn agriculture into business which as a result it will help them put food on the table and also earn income which will improve their lives.

– It was fantastic and the knowledge we have acquired it will help us to improve our standard of living, Hassan guardian says.

Now the orphans have closed school for April vacation until early may. For 2 weeks they have been doing extra academic tuition in their areas and this have enabled them to understand what they didn’t understand in school and do more studying with the help of a hired teacher.

The extra academic tuition has really improved orphans academic performance.

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