Good results at Bogesunds school

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Students and teachers at Bogesundssskolan have put together a fantastic work with the yearly international evening program. The money collected has meant a great deal for people in difficult circumstances in both Voi and other parts of the world. This year’s international evening a week before Easter is no exception.

The students themselves have determined that  60 percent of the profits from the day should go to the work in Voi with the rest of the money going to other worthy causes.

For the Voi project, this means the year’s collection will be about 45 000 kronor. It isn’t yet decided what the money will be used for, but there are ideas and it will definitely be something that makes life a little better for the orphaned children.

A big thank you to everyone who worked to make it happen – and to all those who were there and helped create the wonderful outcome!

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