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Seminar on children rights

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The program organized a guardian seminar for 3 days which started on 21st -24 April, at the Voi Lutheran guest house. During the seminar the guardians were taught on children rights and agribusiness. Guardians have acquired more knowledge on how to live and relate with the orphans and other children around them. Now they know […]

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Major activity on the farm

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Improvements and refurbishments to the farm continue. The most visible is the revamp of teh water tower, which has been given a real set of stairs, sliding windows, and a full inside/outside coat of paint. It’s turning into a nice hall here! Three resting spots have also been created in a smart African stile with […]

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Youngsters talk Voi with the elders

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Tingsholm high school students Linnea Jordner, along with Sandra and Matilda Johansson were in Voi for an autumn internship  program. They’re now using some of their free time to talk about their internship and the Voi project. During the international evening at Bogesund school in mid April, they showed pictures of their experience and talked about […]

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Good results at Bogesunds school

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Students and teachers at Bogesundssskolan have put together a fantastic work with the yearly international evening program. The money collected has meant a great deal for people in difficult circumstances in both Voi and other parts of the world. This year’s international evening a week before Easter is no exception. The students themselves have determined […]

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Happy Easter with active days in Voi

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The Selin and Franzén families had the opportunity to speak with 1o of the children in the project. Each day started with a worship service at Bogesunds House, then everyone traveled to the farm where a snack break was waiting. The children were given exercise clothing from Sweden and the football match was underway. There […]

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