Work continues on the guest house

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It is still too early to economically sum up the guest house’s first year, but the consensus is  that things are going well despite the tourism industry in Kenya being catastrophically bad at the moment.

The guest house with a kitchen, office, and dining room is working well. And work is continuing in order to improve and further expand the entire area.

A parking place has been created, and even a drying area for laundry is being put in place to keep away the red sand and other things.

There will also be a park-like area in front of the guest house, with bushes and relaxation areas where guest can enjoy their coffee or tea in the shade away from the burning sun.

Work is also underway to tidy up and organise a gathering area in the water tower as well. A new set of stairs will finally be added, and the room under the water tanks with the lovely view will have sliding windows.

All this is possible thanks to sponsors in Ulricehamn who want to help develop the guest house into a place not only for recreation, play, and education – but also as a part of the financing of the program for the orphaned children.

The Lutheran Church’s Bible school, which includes around 10 students, is now a tenant in the guest house. This means a fixed rental income and a constant mix of people and activity in the area.

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