Important home visits and discussions

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A week in Voi is over, and it included many meetings and unforgettable experiences. One of the strongest is from the Mgeno village where Geoffrey lives.
He lives with his Aunt and family. Amina is preganant and is expecting her sixth child!
The house they live in is dilapidated and one future project is to build a new house for the large family.
In addition to the usual food packs and other items, we also brought a few of the knitted sweaters from Sweden (Geoffrey in the brown sweater an one of the little cousins in yellow).
Continued support will be needed, also because a drought destroyed this year’s corn crops. The risk of starvation in many parts of Kenya is imminent.

We also were able to meet with Carlos for the first time in a long time. She attends Port Reiz School for Disabled Children in Mombasa. She essentially could not read when she started school 3-4 years ago. Now she is in the seventh grade and is thriving. She also receives all the help and attention that her disability requires.

Port Reiz has become her new home, she says!

The days in Voi included many discussions about the continued operation of the guest house. The next investment on the list is to clean up the water tower, tidy the stars and classroom, expand the utility room and dining hall for the Bible school, which has been a guest since the start of the year,  and a few overnight rooms for the staff.


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