Not just talk

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The reason for our visit to Voi is to discuss the operation, maintenance, and finance as it relates to the guest house. And that’s what we’ve done – a lot.

All of the staff have given their thoughts on the matter, and together we want to make an already great guest house even better – and sustainable in the long run.

One point where we have had issues and prior discussions is the floor of the guest house. It is made of stone (terazzo). Very beautiful but difficult to keep clean with the red earth surrounding it.

Håkan received expert advice from UBAB in Ulricehamn. They have a long history of manufacturing this type of flooring. He took matters into his own hands and found a scrub brush, soap, and showed how the floor is to be managed.

Problem is, how to make the beautiful luster last. The answer is natural green soap. The solution can be difficult to find in Kenya, however. So we will search for it in Mombasa…

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