Buy the new Voi calendar at the autumn market

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The new Voi calendar for 2015 is premiering at the autumn market on Saturday (4 October). The theme is everyday happiness and, each month, one of the children from Voi is featured. They say a little something about themselves and what makes them happy. Each copy also includes a quote about everyday happiness and a place for your own thoughts.

Lennart Gyllensten is credited with the idea and text while Sune Broman designed the graphic layout. They have both provided photos along with Pär Fritzson  – and the calendar is sponsored by LH Tryck, a local printing business.

Since the calendar also includes information and photos about the Voi project, it would make the perfect Christmas gift. So take this moment to stock up now. Businesses and owners of all types can buy the calendar and give it to both employees and customers.

They will first be sold at the autumn market where the Voi project will have a booth on the market square in front of the town hall between 10-14. The cost is 60 kronor each. The calendar will be available in a few stores on the main pedestrian walkway (which will be announced later) and will also be sold on the walkway during a few Sundays in Advent.

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