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Buy the new Voi calendar at the autumn market

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The new Voi calendar for 2015 is premiering at the autumn market on Saturday (4 October). The theme is everyday happiness and, each month, one of the children from Voi is featured. They say a little something about themselves and what makes them happy. Each copy also includes a quote about everyday happiness and a […]

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Every coin is accounted for

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The Voi Project has no administrative costs and no salaried personnel. Everything is done on a volunteer basis and all the volunteers are responsible for their own costs (for example, during visits to Voi). That’s why we can say that every single coin that is donated to the project makes its way into the fund. […]

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High wages and a toy car

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If you look at the high wages some aid organisations pay their secretary generals, the Voi project is not a bad alternative. Today, the news reported on a former secretary general who received a half million kronor in severance pay – all while she was getting 100, 000 kronor a month in her new job. […]

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