A fantastic year

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When we look back on 2013 we see a fantastic year. The guest house on the farm is open and there are no debts to pay on the building. The number of children receiving help has risen. And the gifts to the Voi project have most certainly been generous.

Sponsors and private donors have been especially generous during December. The direct support for the children’s daily needs totaled a whole 54 000 kronor. A large portion of that came in connection with sales of the grocery bags. A large amount of money also came in for construction on the guest house, mostly from different sponsors. Almost 190 000 kronor during December alone.

Every single bit goes directly to the work in Voi.

It is with great thankfulness and humility that you have entrusted us with all this. It gives us the courage to continue, to help even more underprivileged children have a better life in Voi. A big thank you for 2013!

Read the entire gift report here. Also, all the children taking part in the program are now on a specific page.

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