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Beatrice och Lydia kommer till Ulricehamn

Three visitors from Voi will be in Ulricehamn from April 23 to May 1; priest Manase Mkofira, manager of the program for the orphaned children Lydia Wughanga, and Beatrice Waleghwa who is a part of the program. For Beatrice, this will be her first visit to Sweden. She is 19 years old and a university student in Nairobi.
The itinerary for their visit is not yet set, but there will be several opportunities to meet them during their visit. More information will be released later.
The visit is a natural result of the exchange between Voi and Ulricehamn and is primarily meant to inform others about the work in Voi.
All costs in connection with the visit have been financed through a grant from the Lund Mission Society. (Lunds Missionssällskap).

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