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Politicians kick for Voi

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Tomorrow, Thursday (August 22), leading local politicians will collect money for Voi. It will take place in conjunction with a soccer match between the Moderates and Social Democrats on the field next to Åsunda sjöstad starting at 18.30. Both councilor Lars Holmin (M) and Municipal Vice Chairman Mattias Josefsson (S) have been in Voi and know […]

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A traditional African roof

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Manase is in Tanzania for continuing education. During that time, Beatrice will keep us updated on the development of the arm. Here are the first pictures from her. One picture shows the roof for the dining hall, which is now under construction. Unlike the roof for the guest house and kitchen, which is made of […]

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Sponsors Visit

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Sponsors arrived in Voi on Saturday 10th, afternoon and visited the Bogesunds Farm. On Sunday, we had a service Voi. It was wonderful to have them in Voi. Sponsors had a meeting with the Home Based cares. It was special moment for the sponsors and children to meet each other, talk, meet the family of […]

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Assistant Orphan Programme Co-ordinator

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Pauline Mwasi, 19 years old and living in Voi. She is a singled orphan (she has a mother and the father passed away) and has 3 siblings.Education is O-level and pursuing computer studies. She will be doing field work i.e working closely with Home based cares, guardians and orphans.

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Direct reporting from Voi

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Tomorrow, on Friday, August 9th, a group of 11 people will travel to Voi. They are sponsors and monthly donors for the orphans in Voi. Now, they are traveling there to meet “their” children and see the organization with their own eyes. It is the first time the Voi project has organized such a trip. […]

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Have you kept up with the construction?

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Have you been keeping up with the construction of the guest house on the farm in Voi? If not, take a look… Work on the roof continues, as does the work on the interior room.

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