Yellow and brown are beautiful together

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The Voi project has a new sponsor, New Wave, which has a central warehouse in Ulricehamn. We have been given footballs, water bottles, and t-shirts. There might be more more exciting bits and pieces in the future. It’s also nice that the water bottles and footballs have the words Swedish Church printed on them. We have more than we can use, so we will be sharing with other organizations who also help with support.

In 2008, Evelina Öberg went on a trip to Voi. She attended Tingsholm high school back then. She now works at New Wave and provided us with the contacts.

We have also been given camping mats from Bolon, which will be used as wind and rain breakers on the farm. So now, no one travels to Voi with half empty suitcases. By order!

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