Regina has a beautiful smile

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Many children face hard times in Voi, many more than the 40 orphans in the Voi project. Despite the difficulties, many of the children smile easily and often.

Regina is only one example. She is 11 years old and is in third grade. She lives with her little brother Evans who is eight years old and in second grade. Since their parents passed away, they live with grandma Margret in a small, simple house made of clay. The house has only one room, maybe 5 square meters total. Food is cooked outside when it’s not the rainy season.

Grandma generates an income by washing clothes for others. She gets 100 shilling for a tub of clothes, about 8 kronor. If she is lucky, she gets to wash more than a tub, but there are days when she doesn’t make any money at all.

The money does not cover the entire cost of the food they need, so the project gives them extra food every month.

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