Cocoa trees, banana plants, and construction bids

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The Bogesunds family in Voi (employees and project volunteers) finished their semester work this week. They gathered on the farm for discussion, both together and in larger groups – with coffee breaks in between. It is almost time for the yearly vacation month in Kenya.

There are now banana plants and cocoa palms on the farm. The banana plants were planted by Jonas Andersson and family on a recent visit, and the cocoa plants have been donated by the Farming Ministry – all 70 of them have been planted around the farm.

But the Voi project never really takes a break… In Ulricehamn, the focus is on finding sponsors for further development. It has been a little slow. Could it be related to the economic downturn? Bids have come in from construction companies that want to help build the farm. Those bids are currently being considered. This is being done by knowledgeable personnel in Nairobi, and also in Ulricehamn.

Unfortunately, costs have risen and what we wanted to accomplish will be considerably more expensive than anticipated, which has created some problems, of course. We will likely have to take out our red pens and cross out some of our plans, unfortunately. There are only two alternatives, either take something out – or raise more money…

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