190 000 kronor from the Rotary gala

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The full sum hasn’t been totaled yet, but the preliminary results from the Rotary gala last Sunday stand at 190 000 kronor. 80% of the total goes to the Voi project and the rest will go to other projects Rotary supports.

Considering that the auctions of Bolon flooring have just begun, the total donation will grow. The flooring, which is valued at 25 000 kronor, is now up around 5-6000. You can find a bargain on the auction page!

Ticket sales will certainly account for the largest sum from the gala, with the fantastic lottery second. It was also fun to see Pär Johansson’s work of art, Heart of Africa, sell for 28 000 kronor at the auction. Thank you to Hökerum Construction who purchased it. Anyone who wants to see the painting will have to sneak into their lunch room… Jenny Berggren donated CDs and someone in the crowd set a price on them. The price was set at 200 kronor and Jenny donated all sales to the Voi project. The full sum collected was 4200 kronor. And the Voi group sold apples for 5000 kronor.    (photo: Sune Broman)

But the highlight for me was when Jenny sang her own song, Give Me The Faith, with the Occapella choir behind her. I had to fight to keep the tears from flowing. What an incredibly beautiful song. When State of Drama took over after the break – the roof of the sport hall nearly burst. What an evening! Thank you to everyone who worked and toiled to make it so great!

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