Hundreds happily boated on Åsunden lake

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Joyce, an oak boat, and skipper Kenneth Johansson shuttled passengers through lake traffic during Water Day in Ulricehamn. Hundreds of visitors took the opportunity to for a free trip over Åsunden lake – and as a a thank you, many people donated to the Voi project.

A borrowed tent was set up on the pier with information about the project. Christer Andersson also gave out Kenyan tea to the hundreds of visitors. This allowed us to talk with people and tell them what the Voi project is about, as well as the possibility of sponsoring a child in Voi or becoming a regular donor.

The day’s economic result turned out to be 4387 kronor (2820 kronor from the boat tour and 1567 from the activities in the tent). Fantastic!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed money and work, including the skipper and his whole family who helped throughout the day – in both rain and shine.

Do you wonder why the boat is named Joyce? The Johansson family sponsors a child in Voi and Joyce is the name of the child they sponsor.

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