Heartwarming Visits

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We landed in Kenya once again after a wonderful flight. It is just as hot as you think you remember but don’t truly recall until you arrive back again and think; Ah, yes, that’s right. We arrived in Voi on Saturday and after lunch at BH we went to the Farm and saw the development that has taken place over the past year. The wonderful bougainvillea hedge that was planted when we were here last year is now blooming beautifully. Yesterday included a worship service in Kisimenyi with a church lunch after the service. I was able to meet Masive there and Koleta sang in the choir. Afterward, we visited Mutunga and Mbite for a home visit before we went back. We were going to make a third home visit on the way back, but plans change quickly here and we had to cancel the visit when we had almost made it there.

I’m now sitting in the glow of a headlamp with candles lit on the coffee table as I am trying to write a little something. The power went off a short while ago and it is pitch black both outside and in. The only sound you hear are the cicadas who are playing for us. Today, the focus has been on BH where we spent time playing with the kids, correcting math books, holding talks, and other important tasks.

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