Mission accomplished – for now

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After a few days of sun and sand near the coast, we’re back in Nairobi. Tomorrow, we will head north.

Our mission is complete for now. It has been an unusually fun and creative trip. And there is still a lot of work to be done before the farm is a reality.

But like Manase said, we have made a lot of forward progress!

The architect has the foundation he needs to begin the blueprints. And Manase has already been in Nairobi to continue discussions with the architect and the personnel from the church office before getting building permits and the like. The dialogue between the project committee and Manase will continue via email.

The photo above is of Julia and Faith (and a few younger relatives) during a home visit. Faith lives in the village of Kisemenyi and is one of the newest children enrolled in the program. She is seven years old and is in first grade. She lives with her mom’s relatives.

All together, there are nine people in the household – and they walk 15 km one way to get water!

Just one of the exciting meetings between the south and the north. There will certainly be more…

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