Christmas presents for the children- thank you from Voi!

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On Christmas Eve, all 40 children in the program received an extra food bundle packaged in Christmas paper.

Manase sent a letter of thanks for all the assistance, which can be found at the bottom of this page. A special thank you to the staff from Tingsholmsgymnasiet who purchased a goat during their visit last Autumn, which has now been slaughtered and portioned out in Kisemenyi. The goat is from the farm and is thus a result of the goats that were previously given to the children in the project. A young goat from every family has now been paid back to the project.























“Many greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Today, with the help of Beatrice we dispatched  Christmas gifts to all Orphans, the 40 orphans in all the areas they are living. Each orphan received 1kg rice, 1kg sugar, 1kg cooking fat, 2kg wheat flour, 500gms tealeaves and to those living in Kisimenyi Half kg meat each. We decided this issue together with Lydia and she even assisted in the process.
Please pass our warm greetings to the Staff Tingsholmsgymnasiet Ulricehamn Sweden who gave us the GOAT gift especially for this Christmas,we really thank them for their Hospitality.
Also many thanks to Bogesunds Skolan who had been helping us for a quite long time, The voi project committee for cutting short their time and sleep just for Voi project, and many who i cant mention them all in this mail. May Our Lord Jesus Christ, bless them on this eve and wish them a Happy new year, Many greetings to the Church, especially Rev. Carl and all the congregants.
You are Most welcome to Voi, See you on 5th jan Gods willing.
Thank you and God bless you.”

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